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2001 Roster of Grants

Direct grants are issued from the Muste Institute's grantmaking program to a particular project or organization. These grants range from $500 to $2,000. The International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) is a special donor-directed fund which makes grants to nonviolence training projects outside the US (or in native communities within the US); INTF grants range from $500 to $3,000. Sheilah's Fund East (SFE) is a donor-advised fund which supports active nonviolence work, primarily in Latin America; grants are made on the recommendation of the donor.

In 2001, the Muste Institute also distributed a number of grants from a special September 11 Emergency Fund; these are listed on a separate roster. Fiscal Sponsorships, also listed on a separate roster, are funds from institutional grants and individual tax-deductible donations which the Muste Institute accepts as agent for the fiscally sponsored project or organization.

Separate guidelines are available for general grants, fiscal sponsorships, and INTF grants. For information, please contact the Muste Institute at 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012; phone 212-533-4335; fax 212-228-6193; [email protected]; www.ajmuste.org/

Andean Information Network
Cochabamba, Bolivia: $2,000.
For education and advocacy around the issue of US-sponsored drug policy in the Andes, with a focus on the coca-growing Chapare region of Bolivia.

Bat Shalom
Jerusalem, Israel: $2,000.
For a public awareness campaign promoting "Equality for Arab Israeli Citizens," carried out by the Jezreel Valley regional branch of Bat Shalom (Daughter of Peace), an organization of Jewish and Arab Israeli women.

Boston Mobilization for Survival
Boston, Massachusetts: $1,000.
For the Youth for Peace Project, educating and mobilizing young people and students around issues of militarism, including university links to defense contractors.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Chicago, IL: $2,000.
For six public "town hall meetings" in different US cities as part of a national educational and media campaign called "Stop All Executions: Moratorium Now!"

Citizens Opposed to Defense Experimentation
Anchorage, AK: $2,000.
For the Alert Alaska project, organizing Alaskans to oppose the deployment of the National Missile Defense (NMD) system in their state.

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
Denver, CO: $2,000
For efforts to build public opinion against the US government's ongoing embargo and military aggression against the people of Iraq. The Muste Institute also acts as fiscal sponsor for CCMEP.

Corporación Jorge Artel
[email protected]
Cartagena, Colombia: $2,000.
For the Civil Disobedience Training and Education Project, involving educational work in African-descended communities on Colombia's Atlantic coast about civil disobedience as a form of nonviolent resistance to oppression. The Muste Institute is also acting as fiscal sponsor for Corporación Jorge Artel.

Izmir War Resisters Association
[email protected]
Izmir, Turkey: $3,000 (INTF)
This grant from the Muste Institute's International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) went for a conference on "Peace and Women's Movement in Turkey: Practice and Ideology," to discuss nonviolent strategies for confronting militarism and sexism.

Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Louisville, KY: $2,000.
For the Prison & Justice Critical Resistance Committee, working to build a strong local movement in the Louisville area toward reversing the injustices of the prison system.

Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
[email protected]
Garden City, NY: $1,000.
For a program of outreach and educational empowerment, using techniques of popular education and liberation theology to bring new activists and leaders into United People for Social, Economic and Racial Justice (UPSERJ), a coalition of 50 community-based and religious organizations working on racism and poverty issues.

Mexico Solidarity Network
Chicago, IL: $2,000.
For workshops around the U.S. with the curriculum "Corporate Agenda vs. People's Agenda," using popular education techniques to encourage analysis of and resistance to corporate globalization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Nevada Desert Experience
Oakland, CA: $2,000. For the 2001
August Desert Witness, an action of nonviolent resistance to nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site. Activists gathered on August 6-9 to commemorate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and protest the US government's "Stockpile Stewardship" nuclear weapons development program.

New Hampshire Peace Action Education Fund
Concord, NH: $2,000.
For a project building opposition to US military aid to Colombia, with an emphasis on exposing the role of New Hampshire weapons makers in US military aggression.

Northampton Committee to Lift the Sanctions on Iraq
Northampton, MA: $2,000.
For educational forums to accompany an exhibit of a child-to-child art exchange between local children and Iraqi children, seeking to break the barrier of isolation and build solidarity between US and Iraqi citizens.

Observatorio Internacional por la Paz
[email protected]
Quito, Ecuador: $5,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for the International Observatory for Peace (OIPAZ), seeking to document and expose the human consequences of the US-sponsored military "Plan Colombia" in Ecuador, Colombia and the surrounding region.

Philadelphia Area Jobs With Justice
[email protected]
Philadelphia, PA: $1,000.
For organizing rank and file union members, faith leaders and community groups to take action in support of workers who are struggling for economic justice and rights on the job.

[email protected]
Guayaquil, Ecuador: $10,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for work with school-age children and high-risk youth, including gang members, teaching conflict resolution and active nonviolence toward building a culture of peace in Ecuador.

Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ)-América Latina
Montevideo, Uruguay: $15,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for administration of the regional coordinating office of SERPAJ (Peace and Justice Service), a network of national organizations in 10 Latin American countries which promote education and nonviolent action for social justice.

SERPAJ-Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica: $5,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for the "Educating for Peace" project, training rural, urban and indigenous youth in active nonviolence and alternative conflict resolution so they can serve as promoters of peace and human rights in Costa Rica.

Quito, Ecuador: $5,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for the youth-led Action for Peace project, involving educational work around active nonviolence and conscientious objection to military service; and for strengthening of the Institute of Peace Education (Instituto de Educación para la Paz, IDEPAZ), promoting alternative conflict resolution and active nonviolence in Ecuador.

Mexico City, Mexico: $5,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went for workshops, educational materials and related activities, promoting a culture of peace and active nonviolence within the context of civil resistance in Mexico.

Cuernavaca, Mexico: $7,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went to SERPAJ-Morelos (formerly SERPAJ-Cuernavaca) for educational materials, workshops and other activities promoting a dialogue on active nonviolence as a strategy to resist militarization and injustice in Mexico.

Servicio Internacional por la Paz (SIPAZ)
Santa Cruz, CA: $5,000 (SFE)
This Sheilah's Fund East grant went to support the peace process in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas through violence-reduction and peacebuilding strategies in Chiapas and efforts to inform and mobilize the international community.

Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations (STARC) Alliance
La Jolla, CA: $1,500.
For publicity and organizing expenses of a "National Student/Youth Conference on Terrorism" in February 2002, to build public support for economic and political alternatives to war.

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom-NY Metro Branch
New York, NY: $2,000.
For a part-time membership coordinator to broaden outreach and facilitate communication with members. Founded in 1915, WILPF's NY Metro Branch now has programs addressing racial justice, economic globalization, peace and disarmament. The Muste Institute also acts as a fiscal sponsor for WILPF-NY Metro.

In addition, the Muste Institute operates the Freeman Internship Program, providing a stipend to interns working in the War Resisters League national office. This program was established through a generous bequest from Ruth and Harrop Freeman. Distributions to interns totaled $6,000 in 2001.

2001 Totals

General grants (16): $ 27,500.00
SFE grants (8): 57,000.00
INTF grants (1): 3,000.00
Sponsored grants (14): 230,419.80
Freeman intern stipends (4): 6,000.00

Total distributions: $ 323,919.80