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2004 Roster of Grants

Direct grants of up to $2,000 are issued from the Muste Institute's grantmaking program to a particular project or organization. The International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) is a special donor-advised fund which makes grants of up to $3,000 to nonviolence training projects outside the US (or in native communities within the US). Sheilah's Fund East (SFE) is a donor-advised fund which supports active nonviolence work, primarily in Latin America; grants are made on the recommendation of the donor.

Fiscal sponsorships, listed on a separate roster at www.ajmuste.org/spon2004.htm, are funds from institutional grants and individual tax-deductible donations which the Muste Institute accepts as agent for the fiscally sponsored project or organization.

Separate guidelines are available for general grants, fiscal sponsorships and INTF grants. For information, please see this website or contact us at 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012; phone 212-533-4335; fax 212-228-6193; [email protected]; www.ajmuste.org

Asociación Civil Centro Esperanza
Chiclayo, Peru: $4,000 (SFE)
To improve efficiency in trainings for democratic and ethical leadership in Chiclayo, Peru.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Chicago, IL: $2,000
For the Campaign’s fourth annual national convention, “We CAN Stop the Racist Death Penalty.”

Central New York - Citizens Awareness Network
Oswego, NY: $1,600            
For the Nuclear Neighbor Accountability Campaign, informing local residents about the dangers of the Fitzpatrick nuclear reactor in Oswego.

Centro de Estudios Internacionales
Managua, Nicaragua: $2,000 (SFE)
For the Central American Forum of Nonviolent Resistence and Peace-Building, an October 2004 strategy conference in Managua.

COMPPA (Comunicadores Populares por la Autonomía)
San Cristóbal, Mexico: $1,500
For a training program on gender and popular communication for indigenous, campesino and grassroots groups in Chiapas (Mexico) and Honduras.

Convergence of Movements of the Peoples of the Americas (COMPA)
Washington, DC: $1,600
For the First Hemispheric Assembly of COMPA Women, held November 2004 in Nicaragua.

Denver Justice and Peace Committee
Denver, CO: $1,500
For the Global Solutions to Violence Education Project, educating students about international issues and transforming them into future advocates, activists, and leaders.  

Earth Action
Prince Edward Island, Canada: $1,000
For general support of efforts to draw public attention to the health and environmental threats from pesticides and other pollutants in Prince Edward Island, Canada (donor-advised grant).

Education for Peace in Iraq Center
Washington, DC: $2,000
For EPIC’s “Act Against Torture” campaign, seeking accountability and justice around the Abu Ghraib torture scandal and human rights in Iraq.

Estación Libre Collective
Los Angeles, CA: $1,600     
For a delegation of indigenous youth from Canada to visit indigenous communities in the southern Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, in order to share their experiences of organizing their communities, resisting colonialism and defending land rights.

Equal Justice Center/MIRA
Austin, TX: $1,500            
For the Poultry Workers Justice Campaign with Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, bringing together workers with community leaders to hold the poultry industry accountable for abusive labor practices.

Florida College Activist Coalition
Orlando, FL: $1,500
To educate Florida residents about the impact of the proposed hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and other harmful trade policies on communities here and abroad.

Ground Zero for Peace
Brooklyn, New York: $1,000
For the International First Responders Peace Project, including a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan by New York emergency workers affected by the Sept. 11 attacks to meet with Afghan colleagues and raise awareness in the US about the extent and impact of US military operations in Afghanistan.                               

Gush Shalom
Tel Aviv, Israel: $1,600
For a campaign to oppose the Israeli government’s construction of an “apartheid wall” which is isolating Palestinian communities, and other efforts to end the occupation.

Holy Land Trust
Bethlehem, Palestine: $1,000
For trainings as part of the Palestinian Nonviolence Support Program, seeking to develop a strong, unified, indigenous Palestinian nonviolent movement.

JK Education Council
Orissa State, India: $2,000
For training programs to prepare promoters of peace and human rights for women and to develop skills of existing nonviolence trainers in three districts of Orissa state in India.

Lioness Media Arts
Forest Hills, New York: $1,000
For “Race to Execution,” a documentary about the pervasiveness of racial discrimination within the justice system and how that bias determines who ends up on death row.

Mirovna Akecija
Prilep, Macedonia: $1,000
For an international seminar in Macedonia in June 2004 on conscientious objection and peace, organized in conjunction with War Resisters International.

Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty
Lincoln, Nebraska: $1,500
For the Rural Empowerment Project, an effort to expand the statewide movement to end the death penalty by building local leadership in Nebraska’s rural communities.

New Hampshire Veterans for Peace
Manchester, New Hampshire: $1,200
For counter-recruitment efforts in New Hampshire  public schools, providing students with facts about recruitment, the military service, ROTC programs and the impending draft.

Partners for Peace
Washington, DC: $1,000
For a U.S. tour by three women--Christian Palestinian, Jewish Israeli and Muslim Palestinian--promoting a more balanced U.S. policy towards Israel and Palestine.

Peace Brigades International
Washington, D.C.: $2,000
For PBI volunteer accompaniment teams to escort, defend and support grassroots human rights activists in southern Mexico.

Philadelphia SUSTAIN
Philadelphia, PA: $1,500
For the Palestinian Film Festival, a celebration of Palestinian culture, society and politics.

San Diego Military Counseling Project
San Diego, CA: $1,500
To provide military service members with information about their rights and discharge options, and support their efforts to speak out, organize and protest against military activities.

Seeds for Change Network
Oxford, England: $1,000
To train 36 experienced nonviolent activists to become nonviolent direct action trainers in the run-up to the next meeting of G8 nations taking place in the UK in July of 2005.

September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Cary, NC: $1,000
For “Stonewalk 2004,” a walk from the Democratic Convention in Boston to the Republican Convention in New York, highlighting the issues of civilian casualties and the human costs of war.

Guayaquil, Ecuador: $10,000 (SFE)
For work with high-school students and at-risk youth in the urban area of Guayaquil, Ecuador, providing peer conflict resolution and education toward building a culture of peace.

Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ)-América Latina
San Jose, Costa Rica: $10,000 (SFE)
For the regional coordinating office of SERPAJ (Peace and Justice Service), a network of nonviolence organizations in Latin America.

Quito, Ecuador: $7,500 (SFE)
For the Instituto de Educación para la Paz (Peace Education Institute), building nonviolence and a culture of peace and human rights in Ecuador.

Asunción, Paraguay: $7,500 (SFE)
To complete the Casa de la Paz community peace center in Asunción.

South Texans Opposing Private Prisons (STOPP) Coalition
Austin, TX: $2,000
For a campaign to halt construction of a privately-operated 2,800-bed “superjail” for immigrants in Laredo, Texas.

Student Farmworker Alliance
Immokalee, Florida: $2,000
For the “Beat the Bell” boycott campaign, mobilizing college students to hold the Taco Bell restaurant chain accountable for farm labor practices.

Students Creating Peace Network
Fairfield, Iowa: $1,000
For a peace festival and video project organized by high school students in Fairfield, Iowa, to promote nonviolence.

Three City Art Project
New York, NY: $1,600
For “Art Against the Wall,” an exhibit by Palestinian, Israeli and US artists in Ramallah, Tel Aviv and New York, building awareness of the impact of the “apartheid wall” which Israel is building through Palestinian land.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Chicago, Illinois: $1,000
For the Military Counseling Program, providing past, present and future service members with counseling, educating them about their rights and encouraging them to oppose war.

War Resisters League
New York, NY: $1,500
For the “Stop the Merchants of Death” Campaign, a speaking campaign to educate people about the companies which profit from wars, invasions and occupations.

Youth Intervention for Peace Project
Bujumbura, Burundi: $2,000 (INTF)
For a nonviolence training program for youth in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Total 2004 grant distributions: $86,200