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2007 Roster of Grants

This roster includes grants from the Muste Institute's general fund. These grants of up to $2,000 are directed to small grassroots projects working for peace and social justice.

The Muste Institute also administers several special funds, including the Counter Recruitment Fund, the International Nonviolence Training Fund, the NOVA Fund and the NOVA Travel Fund.

Fiscal sponsorships are funds from institutional grants and individual tax-deductible donations which the Muste Institute accepts on behalf of the sponsored project or organization. Separate guidelines are available for CR Fund grants, general grants, INTF grants, NOVA Travel grants and fiscal sponsorships.

For more information, please refer to our website, www.ajmuste.org. If you have further questions after reading through the fund guidelines and grant rosters, contact us: A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012; phone 212-533-4335; fax 212-228-6193; [email protected]

2007 general grants: $54,500 distributed to 30 organizations

Oakland, CA: $2,000 (April)
For HIP HOP TONGA: Reconnecting Roots & Resistance, bringing together Tongan youth in East Oakland to express their traditions and experiences while educating themselves and others around social issues.

Beyondmedia Education
http://www.beyondmedia.org / http://www.womenandprison.org
Chicago, IL: $2,000 (June)
To create zines and distribute them to women in U.S. prisons to introduce them to Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance, a website designed to create a space for dialogue among currently and formerly incarcerated women and other community members.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Oakland Chapter
San Leandro, CA: $2,000 (September)
To build networking among family members, friends and allies of prisoners at San Quentin.

Centre for Active Nonviolent Education
Dharamshala, India: $2,000 (February)
For workshops to educate people living in Tibetan refugee settlements in India about nonviolence and strategic nonviolent methods.

Chicago Workers' Collaborative Committee for Defense of Immigrant Workers
Chicago, IL: $1,000 (June)
For a rapid response network to defend immigrant workers against workplace raids.

Coalition for Prisoners' Rights/Prison Project of Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM: $2,000 (April)
For an outreach campaign to promote the Coalition’s monthly newsletter, now in its 32nd year, as an organizing and community-building tool for prisoners and supporters.

Critical Resistance Oakland
Oakland, CA: $2,000 (December)
To expand and strengthen a network of grassroots activists and communities impacted by incarceration, in order to build public opposition to California's plan to build 53,000 new prison beds.

Environmental Community Action
Atlanta, GA: $1,800 (June)
For a campaign to build awareness and action to stop new nuclear plants and oppose the resurgence of nuclear power in Georgia.

Fundación Arte y Cultura del Pacífico
Bogotá, Colombia: $1,500 (April)
For workshops with displaced communities from Colombia's Pacific Coast to strengthen their peaceful grassroots resistance against ongoing physical and cultural violence.

Gap-Bridge Foundation
Asamankese, Ghana: $1,200 (June)
For the Women’s Rights Awareness Education Project, aimed at educating and training women in the Akrosu rural community to understand and defend their rights.

Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA
Washington, DC: $2,000 (September)
To expand the use of new tools for educational outreach and urgent action response around human rights violations in Guatemala.

Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial Installation
Santa Fe, NM: $2,000 (December)
For updating and transporting a display featuring the names, faces and brief biographies of U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as statistics and information about civilian deaths in those conflicts.

JK Education Council
Orissa State, India: $2,000 (February)
For an education program training rural women of Bhadrak, Balasore and Jajpur districts in Orissa state as promoters of active nonviolence for peace, social justice and equality.

Labor’s Voices 3
New York, NY: $1,500 (April)
For the “Labor’s Voices 3: Media for a New Workers Movement” conference held April 26-28 in New York City, bringing together immigrant and independent media makers with unions and workers centers to network and strengthen organizing.

Land, Rain and Fire: Report from Oaxaca
Brooklyn, NY: $1,500 (April)
For a creative grassroots outreach and distribution campaign for a 30-minute documentary film about the ongoing social uprising and government crackdown in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Life or Liberty
Brooklyn, NY: $2,000 (April)
For “Enemy Alien,” a documentary about the two-year struggle for the release from immigration detention of New York City-based Palestinian activist and radio producer Farouk Abdel-Muhti.

Movimiento Nacional Anti Represas de El Salvador (MONARES)
San Salvador, El Salvador: $1,800 (June)
For the 4th Mesoamerican Meeting of the Latin American Network Against Dams in Defense of Rivers, Water and Communities (REDLAR), held July 19 to 22, 2007, in Chalatenango, El Salvador.

Moving Train
Burlington, VT: $2,000 (December)
For a documentary film project, “Peace Has No Borders,” chronicling the story of a former U.S. soldier who went AWOL in 2005 because of concerns about the war in Iraq and now lives with his family in Canada.

National Environment and Education Development (NEED)
Tamil Nadu, India: $2,000 (April)
For rights-based trainings for dalit volunteers using folk media and small group meetings to help their communities collectively develop grassroots leadership and organize against caste and gender discrimination.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Brooklyn, NY: $1,800 (June)
For production of a DVD to inform a broader audience about the issues surrounding war tax resistance.

Nevada Desert Experience
Las Vegas, NV: $2,000 (December)
For organizing efforts in Nevada and New Mexico with the goal of building grassroots opposition to the expansion of nuclear weapons production.

Olneyville Neighborhood Association
Providence, RI: $2,000 (December)
For an immigrant defense network to respond to immigration raids, including a telephone hotline, Know Your Rights trainings, and organizer trainings for immigrant communities around Providence.

Opportunity Fund for Developing Countries (OFDC)
Salt Lake City, UT: $1,000 (December)
To educate 300 women in rural areas of western Kenya near Kitale about their property rights and to support their efforts to defend these rights.

Oregon Peace Institute
Portland, OR:  $2,000 (December)
For a speaking tour bringing Sami Rasouli, founder of Muslim Peacemaker Teams, from Iraq to the Pacific Northwest to speak about nonviolence and the situation in Iraq.

Peace Action Montgomery
Brookeville, MD: $1,800 (June)
To create and support peace clubs in at least four high schools in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA: $1,800 (June)
For counseling and assisting active duty military personnel who want to separate from the military.

Save Our Section 8 Colorado
Denver, CO: $1,800 (June)
To mobilize tenants and community leaders in low-income housing areas of Denver that have been targeted for redevelopment.

Student/Farmworker Alliance
Immokalee, FL: $2,000 (April)
For SFA’s third annual “encuentro,” a gathering of young organizers from around the country in September 2007 to develop analysis and strategize on campaigns.

Texas Juvenile Justice Documentary Project
Austin, TX: $2,000 (September)
For “Blind Spots: Real Life Inside Texas’ Youth Prisons,” a documentary film seeking to expose the conditions of confinement for youth incarcerated in Texas’ state-run juvenile prisons.

Unite for Dignity
Miami Lakes, FL: $2,000 (September)
To expand “Workers on the Move,” a program using training and internships to build leadership capacity among members of the Haitian and Latino immigrant communities in the Miami/Dade area.