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1996 Roster of Grants and Sponsorships

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute makes small grants to grassroots groups doing nonviolent organizing for social justice. Click here to read our grant guidelines. A print copy of the guidelines and latest grant roster of grants can be obtained by writing us at 339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012, or by calling (212)533-4335.

Note: grantee groups marked with an asterisk are recipients of grants awarded by our International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF). Click here to read the guidelines for the INTF. Arise for Social Justice, Springfield, MA: $1,000
For translation and accessibility costs of a New England-wide summit of low-income people’s rights organizations.

Association for Union Democracy, Brooklyn, NY: $1,000
For the Minority Workers Rights Project, helping workers of color and immigrants who face discrimination on the job and from union officials.

Bound Together Books Prisoners Literature Project, San Francisco, CA: $500
For expenses of sending free books to prisoners, and for printing informational flyers about the project.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles, CA: $1,250.
For a poster exhibition on racism and anti-Semitism entitled "Race, Lies and Stereotypes," which will premiere in the Fall of 1996.

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, San Francisco, CA: $1,500
For the "Providing Youth with Non-Violent Alternatives to the Military" program, to counter the military’s stepped-up recruitment efforts and educate youth about military life, alternative ways to finance college, information about the draft and conscientious objection. Website: http://www.libertynet.org/~ccco

Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, Albany, NY: $750.
For the Labor & Environment Project, a coalition effort to educate the public about issues of corporate subsidy abuse in New York State. Email: [email protected].

Community Coalition for Economic Conversion, Uncasville, CT: $1,000
For work with local unions on an "Action Plan for Jobs," developing civilian employment options to replace disappearing defense jobs in southeastern Connecticut.

Daufuskie: One Island/Two Worlds, New York, NY: $1,250
For post-production expenses of a video documentary about the consequences of resort development on low-income residents of a South Carolina island.

Empty the Shelters, Atlanta, GA: $1,500
For the Olympic Accountability Project, following up on organizing work around the impact of the 1996 Olympic Games on Atlanta’s low- income and homeless residents.

Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice, Gainesville, FL: $1,250
For "Walk for the Earth: A Journey for Future Generations," a 725- mile walk to address environmental racism and related issues in Florida.

Future Leaders Network, Brooklyn, NY: $1,000
For scholarships for low-income participants at the Summer Institute, training young people to be more effective activists and organizers.

International Nonviolent Initiatives, Waltham, MA: $1,450.65
Fiscal sponsorship for educational programs fostering nonviolence internationally.

International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland: $9,500
Fiscal sponsorship for educational work promoting disarmament and international peace.

Karuna Center, Leverett, MA: $2,000*
For "Affirming Women’s Strength forPeace," a one-week training for indigenous women in Nepal to build strength and skills for the promotion of peace through nonviolence.

Kurve Wustrow/IFOR, Wustrow, Germany: $1,500*
For an "International Training for Nonviolence in the Context of War or Armed Conflict," which took place in April 1996 in Germany. Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

La Raza Centro Legal, San Francisco, CA: $1,000
For the San Francisco Restaurant Workers Project, organizing non- unionized low-income latino and immigrant restaurant workers.

Las Americas Refugee Asylum Project, El Paso, TX: $750
For an outreach coordinator for the Justice for Women and Children Program, training immigrant and refugee women in leadership and self-advocacy skills.

MIRamiDA, Pakrac, Croatia: $2,000*
For grassroots peace-building trainings for participants recruited from all countries of the former Yugoslavia. Email: [email protected]>[email protected]

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, New York, NY: $1,667.25
Fiscal sponsorship for educational materials promoting peaceful alternatives in Latin America. Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~dbwilson/nsnhome.html

The Nonviolence Web, Philadelphia, PA: $1,000
To set up free sites on the World Wide Web for activist groups working on nonviolent social change. Website: http://www.nonviolence.org

Organization for Peace and Disarmament in Southern Africa (OPEDISA), Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: $2,500 *
For a workshop in March 1996 to train mediators and negotiators for conflict resolution.

Peace Brigades International/USA, Berkeley, CA: $1,000*
For the Guatemala Nonviolence Training Program, providing trainings and workshops on peace education for groups in Guatemala who request this assistance. Website: http://www.igc.org/pbi

Pennsylvania Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Capital Area Chapter, Carlisle, PA: $600
For a day long public educational program in Harrisburg featuring prominent anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean.

Project on Youth and Non-military Opportunities, Encinitas, CA: $1,000
For distribution of the new multimedia computer program CHOICES and other materials to educate young people about the realities of the military, alternatives for financing college, and careers in peacemaking and social change. The CHOICES program can be downloaded for free from ftp://ftp.igc.org/pub/Choices/chcs1w3.exe

Rocky Mountain Peace Center, Boulder CO: $2,000
For the Prisoner Rights Project, educating the public about conditions in control unit prisons, and advocating for an end to these prisons.

Bill Sutherland, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: $2,000
Fiscal sponsorship for participation in an international conference on conscientious objection, held in Chad.

Turning Tide Productions, Wendell, MA: $1,000
For a national grassroots tour of "An Act of Conscience," a documentary about war tax resistance focused on the story of Randy Kehler and Betsy Corner, whose house was confiscated because they refused to pay taxes to protest military spending.

United for a Fair Economy, Boston, MA: $1,400
For the Street Theater Project, using entertainment and comedy in public spaces to provoke thought and social action on issues of economic justice. Website: http://www.stw.org

War Resisters International, London, England: $202.35
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities promoting nonviolence and international cooperation. Email: [email protected]

War Resisters League/National, New York, NY: $24,979.70
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities and publications promoting nonviolence and alternatives to war. Website: http://www.warresisters.org

War Resisters League/New England, Norwich, CT: $1,80
25 Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities, publications, trainings and organizing.

Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Seattle, WA: $1,250
For a statewide public education campaign against the death penalty in 1996, marking the 20th anniversary of the reinstatement of capital punishment in the US and in Washington state.

Westchester People’s Action Coalition (WESPAC), White Plains, NY: $500
To expand WESPAC’s Quick Response Network into a citizens’ movement to close the Indian Point nuclear power plants. Email: [email protected]

Western New York Peace Center, Buffalo, NY: $1,000
For a series of introductory meetings and presentations on nonviolent conflict resolution for activists and organizers in the city of Buffalo.

In addition, the Muste Institute operates the Freeman Internship Program, providing a stipend to interns working in the War Resisters League national office. [link to WRL’s Freeman Internship flyer] This program was established through a bequest from Ruth and Harrop Freeman. Distributions to interns in the program during 1996 totalled $3,500.

1996 Totals 22 Direct Grants: $ 23,500.00 5 INTF Grants: 9,000.00 Sponsored Funds: 41,600.20 Freeman Intern Grants: 3,500.00 Total distributions: $77,600.20