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1997 Roster of Grants and Sponsorships

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute makes small grants to grassroots groups doing nonviolent organizing for social justice. Click here to read our grant guidelines. A print copy of the guidelines and latest grant roster of grants can be obtained by writing us at 339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012, or by calling (212)533-4335.

Note: grantee groups marked with an asterisk are recipients of grants awarded by our International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF). Click here to read the guidelines for the INTF.

Colectivo por la Objeción de Conciencia al Servicio Militar Obligatorio
Bogot , Colombia: $1,500.
For an education campaign in five Colombian cities, working with existing youth organizations on nonviolence and conscientious objection to military service. [email protected]r.net.co

Deep Dish T.V. Network
New York, NY: $1,250.
For an outreach organizing workshop to train prison activists and youth organizers from the southeastern US in the use of materials produced by Deep Dish as part of the "Lock Down USA" project, focusing on incarceration and justice in the US. http://www.igc.apc.org/deepdish

East Timor Action Network/US
White Plains, NY: $2,249.98
Fiscal sponsorship of computer equipment purchase for educational work in the US in support of human rights and self-determination for the people of East Timor. http://www.etan.org/

Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific
Port Vila, Vanuatu: $2,500.
Fiscal sponsorship for the Turaga Economic Self-Reliance and Sustainable Development Project, doing educational work on issues of peace, economic self-reliance and social justice in the indigenous communities of Vanuatu. [email protected]

Immigrant Workers Resource Center
Boston, MA: $1,225.
For the Women's Leadership Program, to train and certify ten Latina women in a 10-month "Health and Safety on the Job" training course. [email protected]

Insight Productions
Berkeley, CA: $2,000.
For "Against the Tide: Those Who Refused to Fight," a video documentary about conscientious objection and resistance to war, with a special focus on conscientious objectors during World War
II. [email protected]

International Nonviolent Initiatives
Waltham, MA: $665.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational programs fostering nonviolence internationally.

International Peace Bureau
Geneva, Switzerland: $29,825.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational
work promoting disarmament and international peace, plus a $1,500 direct grant for efforts to involve young people in the Hague Appeal for Peace '99, a global campaign for peace and disarmament. http://www.itu.ch/ipb/

Karuna Center/Women of Bosnia
Leverett, MA/Bosnia $2,000.*
For a "Dialogue for Healing" training project with women in the Sanski Most region of Bosnia, organized in collaboration with the Women's Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. [email protected]

Michigan Faith and Resistance Peace Team (MPT)
Lansing, MI: $2,000.
For mailings to inform people about MPT's work offering training workshops in nonviolent peacemaking. http://www.traverse.com/nonprof/peaceteam

Mount Diablo Peace Center
Walnut Creek, CA: $1,000
For counter-recruitment and anti-militarism materials to be distributed in local high schools, with a special focus on the JROTC program. http://www.wenet.net/~mdpc

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York
New York, NY: $1,423.10
Fiscal sponsorship for educational materials promoting demilitarization and economic justice in Latin America. http://home.earthlink.net/~dbwilson/nsnhome.html

Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security
Yokohama, Japan: $940.
For production of a "People's Report" on the third ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) to advance the interests of small communities in the ARF process and ensure that regional security is rooted in social justice, nonviolence, human rights, disarmament, democracy and environmental wellbeing. [email protected] or [email protected]

Peace through Interamerican Community Action (PICA)
Bangor, ME: $1,400.
For the Bangor Clean Clothes Campaign, an effort to empower and mobilize residents of Bangor, Maine to take action against sweatshops and other corporate abuses.

Pioneers for Peace and Justice
Wichita, KS: $650.
For bulletin boards and a public speaker at a local high school, with the aim of confronting increased violence among students by actively promoting peace and justice.

Religion and Diversity Project
Montreat, NC/Osijek, Croatia: $3,000.*
To provide Listening Project training to civilian peace teams working for reconciliation in the East Slavonia region of Croatia, in conjunction with the Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human
Rights (CPNH) in Osijek.

Rhode Island Women's Institute for Leadership Development
Cranston, RI: $1,500.
For a scholarship fund to help low-income women attend the first annual Rhode Island WILD Weekend Institute, designed to increase the numbers and effectiveness of women leaders in labor unions and grassroots community organizations.

Richter Productions, Inc.
New York, NY: $2,000.
For grassroots distribution--and production of a Spanish-language version--of a video documentary focusing on an activist campaign to reveal the role of the US Army School of the Americas (SOA) in training repressive Latin American military officers. (For more information about SOA, check out the SOA Watch web site at http://www.soaw.org.)

War Resisters League
New York, NY: $33,596.16
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities and publications promoting nonviolence and alternatives to war, plus a $1,000 direct grant for WRL's YouthPeace program, to provide scholarships for high school students from underserved communities to attend a week-long YouthPeace Organizers Training in August 1997. http://www.warresisters.org

War Resisters League/New England
Norwich, CT: $1,420.25
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities, publications, trainings and organizing around issues of nonviolence and social justice.

Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua (WCCN)
Madison, WI: $1,525.
For a series of appearances in the US by the "Ocho de Marzo" Women's Theater Project from Managua, which uses popular theater to challenge gender inequities, raise awareness, and share strategies for confronting violence against women. [email protected]

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-NY Metro
New York, NY: $1,225.
For a local campaign to publicize current disarmament issues, with a focus on the plutonium-carrying Cassini Space Probe and other dangerous space programs, as part of the "Women Insist on Nuclear Disarmament" (WIND) campaign. [email protected]

In addition, the Muste Institute operates the Freeman Internship Program, providing a stipend to interns working in the War Resisters League national office. This program was established through a bequest from Ruth and Harrop Freeman. Distributions to interns in the program during 1997 totaled $3,724.92.