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1998 Roster of Grants and Sponsorships

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute makes small grants to grassroots groups doing nonviolent organizing for social justice. Our grant guidelines are available on this website. A print copy of the guidelines and latest grant roster of grants can be obtained by writing us at 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, or by calling 212-533-4335.

For information about our 1998 fiscal sponsorships, see the Winter 1999 issue of Muste Notes

* Groups marked with an asterisk are recipients of grants awarded by our International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF).

Association for Union Democracy
Brooklyn, NY: $1,250.
For a New York City conference bringing together union democracy attorneys, union officials and rank and file activists to analyze and articulate common goals for greater democracy and participation in the labor movement.

Brandywine Peace Community
Swarthmore, PA: $1,000.
For a public education campaign to press for citizen disarmament inspection at the Lockheed Martin facilities in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Coalition to Demilitarize Our Schools
Minneapolis, MN: $1,000.
For a campaign challenging the introduction and continuation of JROTC programs in the Minneapolis and St. Paul public high schools.

Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants
New York, NY: $1,250.
For grassroots education to promote immigrants' rights and build broad opposition to anti-immigrant policies.

New York Jobs with Justice
New York, NY: $500.
For the Workfare Project, building a labor and community coalition to oppose New York City's "Work Experience Program" and support welfare workers' organizing efforts.

Pan-African Reconciliation Council
Lagos, Nigeria: $1,000.*
For a training workshop on nonviolence and peacemaking with participants from Rwanda and Zaire, entitled "Coping with Xenophobia."

Peace Brigades International http://www.igc.org/pbi/usa.html
Berkeley, CA: $1,500.*
For the Haitian Nonviolence Training program, helping to build concrete skills for resolving conflicts and working for change nonviolently.

Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty Philadelphia, PA: $1,000.
To organize a major statewide rally in Harrisburg on May 1, 1999, to demand a moratorium on executions in Pennsylvania.

Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities
Encinitas, CA: $1,250.
For local and national efforts to educate young people about the realities of the military, alternatives for financing college and careers in peacemaking and social change.

Rio Maria Committee of the US
Cambridge, MA: $1,000.
For a speaking tour in three US cities by Luzia Canuto, international president of the Rio Maria Committee in Brazil, to seek support for efforts to end rural violence in the Eastern Amazon region of Brazil.

Servicio Internacional para la Paz http://www.nonviolence.org/sipaz
Santa Cruz, CA: $1,000.
For transportation for the SIPAZ coordinator from Mexico's Chiapas state to visit the US for speaking engagements, to build support for a lasting peace in Chiapas.

Support Team International for Textileras (STITCH)
Chicago, IL: $2,000.
For a training exchange on organizing skills and women's leadership between activist working women in North America and Guatemala, to strengthen union organizing in Guatemala's maquila sector while enabling North American women activists to learn from their Guatemalan counterparts.

US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu
Madison, WI: $2,000.
For an eight-city US tour of an Arab-Israeli theater production about Mordechai Vanunu, a political prisoner in Israel serving an 18 year sentence for having blown the whistle on Israel's nuclear arms program.

Washington Peace Center
Washington, DC: $1,250.
For a program to promote people-centered economics and raise economic consciousness among DC area activists, with a special emphasis on exposing the links between local, national and international economic issues.

In addition, the Muste Institute operates the Freeman Internship Program http://www.nonviolence.org/wrl/intern.htm, providing a stipend to interns working in the War Resisters League national office. This program was established through a bequest from Ruth and Harrop Freeman. Distributions to interns in the program totalled $5,475 in 1998.

1998 Totals

12 Direct Grants $ 14,500.00
2 INTF Grants 2,500.00
Sponsored Funds 164,343.30
Freeman Intern Stipends 5,475.00

Total distributions: $ 186,818.30