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September 11 Emergency Grant Fund
Grant Roster (2001)

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute responded to the events of September 11, 2001 by instituting an emergency grant program for nonviolent activist groups working against war and to defend civil liberties, with an emphasis on those doing direct organizing and education toward peace. Only projects which involved rapid response to the post-September 11 scenario were eligible for these emergency grants of up to $500. Eighteen grants ranging from $300 to $500 were made from this "September 11 Emergency Fund" from October through December 2001.

A Decade After 9/11: Looking Back, and Forging Ahead

Albuquerque Peace & Justice Education Project, Albuquerque, NM: $500 for anti-war teach-ins, forums, vigils, marches, leafleting and other outreach actions in the Albuquerque area.

Ann Arbor Ad Hoc Committee for Peace, Ann Arbor, MI: $500 for leafleting actions, demonstrations, publishing a call for peace in the local newspaper and other anti-war activities.

Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice, Gilbert, AZ: $500 for expenses of organizing anti-war rallies, vigils, leafleting actions and educational events. www.AZpeace.org

Beyond Tuesday Alliance, Athens, GA: $500 for four public roundtable events organized by this coalition of student and community-based groups on the University of Georgia campus.

Coalition for World Peace, Los Angeles, CA: $500 for expenses of organizing anti-war vigils, leafleting actions and rallies in the Los Angeles area. www.coalitionforworldpeace.org/

Idaho Peace Coalition, Boise, ID: $500 for organizing anti-war vigils, leafleting actions, study groups and a fast for peace, and for distributing yard signs with a pro-peace message. www.peacecoalition.us/idaho/

Knoxville Area Coalition for Compassion, Justice & Peace, Knoxville, TN: $500 for organizing anti-war teach-ins, vigils, public forums and related activities.

Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice, Lawrence, KS: $400 for grassroots organizing on the University of Kansas campus and in the surrounding community, including leafleting, organizing letter-writing campaigns, informational programs and demonstrations against the war. www.lcpj.org/

New Jersey Peace Action, Montclair, NJ: $300 for the "Justice Not War" campaign, mourning the victims of the September 11 attacks while mobilizing against US military actions that result in the further loss of innocent lives. www.njpeaceaction.org

Paper Tiger Television, New York, NY: $300 for the 911 Media Project, including video production and screenings, educational events, and an internet database linking media producers in a network organized around the issues of the World Trade Center tragedy. www.papertiger.org

Peace Action-Greater Houston Chapter, Houston, TX: $300 for anti-war actions organized by a local alliance made up of Houston Nonviolent Action/War Resisters League, Peace Action-Greater Houston Chapter, and Pax Christi-Houston Chapter.

Peace Action New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM: $500 for "Understanding 9/11 and Beyond," an Oct. 27 all-day "learn-in" in Santa Fe to promote peaceful alternatives to war. www.peace-actionnm.org/

Peace Action of Washington, Seattle, WA: $500 for educational events featuring Afghani immigrant women speakers, as part of efforts to build understanding of the political and historical context of September 11 and its aftermath. www.facebook.com/pages/Peace-Action-of-Washington/270286389561

Peace Action Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI: $500 for anti-war vigils and educational events, mostly at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. www.peaceactionwi.org/

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, San Francisco, CA: $500 for printing the biweekly SF Indymedia News Sheet and organizing anti-war video screenings. www.indybay.org/

Solidarity Committee, Oakland, CA: $500 for grassroots organizing and educational events in the San Francisco Bay Area against the war, by this emergency collective formed by organizations and individuals of color.

Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations (STARC) Alliance, La Jolla, CA: $500 for distribution of teach-in packets to campus organizers around the country, to build public support for economic and political alternatives to war. www.starcalliance.org

Washington Peace Center, Washington, DC: $500 for film screenings and public forums in the Washington, DC area, part of an educational campaign called "Stopping the Cycle of Terror: An Examination of the Costs of War and Alternative Approaches to International Security."www.washingtonpeacecenter.net/

Total distributions: $ 8,300.00