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Muste Notes
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Cornerstones of Nonviolence, The Muste Institute Pamphlet Series
The Institute publishes a pamphlet series comprised of historical and contemporary essays on issues of social change. Covering, among other topics, nonviolent resistance and national defense, liberation struggles, racism, sexism, and labor organizing, they place 19th century thinkers next to present day activists. They demonstrate that the threads linking radical pacifist philosophy through the ages are strong and durable. These pamphlets are distributed to activist groups, schools and colleges, and individuals for classes, discussion groups and public events.

Essays of A.J. Muste
So that new generations of activists may be inspired by A.J. Muste's life, the Institute has reprinted the collection of his writings. The book is edited by Nat Hentoff, with a new preface by Jo Ann O. Robinson. Originally issued in 1967, this new edition includes Muste's "Notes for an Autobiography," plus essays on pacifism, civil rights, trade unionism and foreign policy. Written between 1905 and 1966, the essays are an extraordinary inspiration for, and companion to, our everyday work for peace and social justice.

Peace Agitator
The Story of A.J. Muste by Nat Hentoff. An activist writer chronicles the 'grandfather' of the current U.S. peace movement-minister, labor activist, pacifist and resister, who left us with a legacy of nonviolent direct action. This edition contains many photographs and an introduction by Larry Gara, a leading historian of the nonviolent movement.