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2008 Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

The Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund makes small grants for grassroots efforts to inform young people about the realities of military service, help them protect their privacy from recruiters and refer them to non-military education and employment options. For guidelines see ajmuste.org/counter-recruit.htm.

2008 CR Fund grants: $21,500 distributed to 18 organizations

American Friends Service Committee-Chicago, Chicago, IL: $1,500 for a three-week summer institute that introduces youth to peace work and trains them in discussing the realities of military service and nonviolent career alternatives. www.afsc.org/chicago/

American Friends Service Committee - Hawai’i Area Office, Honolulu, HI: $1,200 for “Increase the Peace,” a program of events in Hawaii schools focusing on alternatives to the military and development of educational materials geared toward Native Hawaiian, Filipino and Pacific Islander students. http://afschawaii.org/

Appalachian Peace and Justice Network, Athens, OH: $1,500 for tabling and distribution in rural Appalachian Ohio high schools as part of the Nonviolent Service Options Campaign. http://www.apjn.org/

Arlington West Film and Speakers Project, Los Angeles, CA: $1,500 to continue and expand a program of screenings and discussions, as well as distribution of free DVD copies of the film “Arlington West.” http://www.arlingtonwestfilm.com/

BAY-Peace, Oakland, CA: $1,500 for a program to train and support up to 25 Bay Area youth organizers who will provide peer counseling and information to youth in heavily targeted geographic and demographic populations.

Brooklyn for Peace, Brooklyn, NY: $1,500 for expanding outreach to students in Brooklyn high schools and on the subway, to inform them about the realities of military service and educational and vocational alternatives. www.brooklynpeace.org

Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools (CAMS), South Pasadena, CA: $1,000 for Project Great Futures, providing information in Southern California high schools, colleges and career centers on alternative financing for education, green job opportunities and the realities of military service.http://www.militaryfreeschools.org/

Coalition for Peace and Justice, Linwood, NJ: $500 for tabling at the annual New Jersey Education Association Conference and efforts to develop a statewide network of teachers concerned and informed about military recruitment and alternatives.

High Rocks Educational Corporation, Hillsboro, WV: $800 for a project serving high school-age young women in the rural West Virginia counties of Greenbrier, Pocahontas, and Nicholas, helping them explore vocational and educational opportunities outside of the military. www.highrocks.org/

New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), Long Island City, NY: $1,000 for coalition-building and workshops in New York City based on the curricular resource guide “Camouflaged: Investigating How the U.S. Military Affects You and Your Community.” http://www.nycore.org/

Ohio Conference of Mennonite Churches USA, Kidron, OH: $1,000 to distribute educational materials about militarism and military service in high schools in Central Ohio, and to meet with guidance counselors to inform them of alternatives to military service for their students.

Orita Peace and Justice Program, Greensboro, NC: $1,000 for a project highlighting alternatives to war and militarism through a statewide opt-out awareness campaign, community trainings and career fairs.

Peace Action Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI: $1,000 to expand efforts to educate youth about the realities of military service and educational and vocational alternatives, with a focus on low income students from the African American, Latino and Hmong communities in and around Milwaukee. www.peaceactionwi.org/

Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO), Encinitas, CA: $1,500 to educate youth and parents, especially in African American and Latino communities, about the realities of military service and educational and vocational alternatives. http://www.projectyano.org/

Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz, CA: $1,500 for the Truth in Recruiting Network, educating high school students in the Watsonville area and other areas of rural Santa Cruz County about the realities of military service and non-military alternatives.

Rochester Against War (RAW), Rochester, NY: $1,000 for an “Anti-War Crisis Center” storefront to serve as a meeting and event space for youth and a resource center for information about the realities of military service and educational and vocational alternatives. www.rochesteragainstwar.org/

Salinas Action League, Salinas, CA: $1,500 to purchase literature about the realities of military service and civilian alternatives for distribution in Salinas and Monterey County high schools, and related educational efforts reaching area youth.

Washington Truth in Recruiting (WaTiR), Bellevue, WA: $1,000 for a program reaching out to parents, teachers, coaches, boards of education, superintendents, principals, student leaders and counselors in rural and eastern areas of Washington state, educating them about military recruiting practices in the public schools.  www.watir.org

Total: $21,500 (18 grants)