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2009 Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

The Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund makes small grants for grassroots efforts to inform young people about the realities of military service, help them protect their privacy from recruiters and refer them to non-military education and employment options. For guidelines see ajmuste.org/counter-recruit.htm.

2009 CR Fund grants: $12,920 distributed to 12 organizations

American Friends Service Committee, Chicago Chapter, Chicago, IL: $1,500 in December for the Social Justice Spring Break and Summer Institutes, a plan to offer social justice activism training to 40 high school students during spring break and summer vacation. afsc.org/office/chicago-il

American Friends Service Committee, San Francisco Chapter, San Francisco, CA: $1,000 in June for Full Picture, a program to expand outreach and education about the realities of military service to youth in Bay Area schools with high recruitment rates. afsc.org/office/san-francisco-ca

Arise for Social Justice, Springfield, MA: $1,500 in April to expand peer counseling in high schools and colleges in and around Springfield to educate students about military service and its alternatives. Website: ariseforsocialjustice.org Blog: ariseforsocialjustice.blogspot.com

Bash Back! Denver, Denver, CO: $1,000 in December to develop materials and resources that speak directly to LGBTQI youth considering joining the military.

Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund, Cleveland, OH: $1,000 in September for Alternatives to Military Recruitment, a program to expand efforts to counter the methods used by the military recruiters in Cleveland’s high schools and to provide accurate information to students and their parents. www.peaceactioncleveland.org

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, Cincinnati, OH: $500 in June to distribute educational materials to guidance counselors in Cincinnati area public schools.www.ijpc-cincinnati.org

Indigenous Youth Sovereignty Project, Denver, CO: $1,500 in June to bring a caravan of activists from California to the counterrecruitment conference in Chicago, and for an educational summit in Denver for the caravan and local activists.

Historic Peace Churches of Columbus, Columbus, OH: $750 in April for educational activities and distribution of materials about the realities of military service and non-military alternatives to at-risk and under-served youth in central Ohio, and a proposed youth conference aimed at capacity building.

Peace & Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas,Wichita, KS: $1,000 in December for a plan to expand an existing opt-out campaign to 10 additional school districts in south central Kansas, and to provide information on alternatives to military service to school counselors in all of the participating schools. www.wichitapeace.org

Peace and Justice Center, Burlington, VT: $1,500 in April to publish a revised booklet on local alternatives to military service and distribute it in high schools throughout Vermont as part of the Recruiting for Peace Campaign. www.pjcvt.org

Washington Area Truth in Recruiting, Bellevue, WA: $1,170 in April to establish new local counter-recruitment groups in Washington state, particularly in rural communities, and for capacity building to expand peer counseling around the realities of military service. www.watir.org

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Madison, WI: $500 in June for coordination with other groups in Wisconsin to distribute educational materials to guidance counselors in the public schools. www.wnpj.org

Total: $12,920 (12 grants)