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2010 Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

The Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund makes small grants for grassroots efforts to inform young people about the realities of military service, help them protect their privacy from recruiters and refer them to non-military education and employment options. For guidelines see ajmuste.org/counter-recruit.htm.

2010 CR Fund grants: $16,248 distributed to 12 organizations

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), San Francisco, CA: $1,500 in June for Full Picture, a project to increase the number of classroom presentations by recent veterans and to provide informational literature and resources on alternatives to the military to students in the San Francisco Bay area. afsc.org/office/san-francisco-ca

BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth, Oakland, CA: $1,500 in September (via Peace Development Fund) for the Youth Manifesto Campaign, part of a national educational campaign about the Joint Advertising Market Research and Studies (JAMRS) military recruiting database. www.baypeace.org

Chico Peace & Justice Center, Chico, CA: $1,498 in December for tabling, outreach events and promotion of a scholarship program enabling students who are considering military enlistment to seek out alternatives. chico-peace.org

Coalition for Alternatives to Militarism in Our Schools (CAMS), Pasadena, CA: $1,500 in September for Project Great Futures, a series of alternative social justice career fairs in high schools and colleges in the Los Angeles area. militaryfreeschools.org

Community Alliance of Lane County , Eugene, OR: $1,500 in June for a project challenging the militarization of youth while working to support the movement for immigration reform, and focusing on the connections between these two issues. calclane.org

High Rocks Educational Corporation, Hillsboro, WV: $750 in April for a vocational and leadership development project targeting 60 female and at-risk students. highrocks.org

Houston Committee for Youth and Nonmilitary Opportunities, Bellaire, TX: $1,000 in December to expand outreach to teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators and students in the Houston area regarding militarization in the schools. www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-Committee-for-Youth-and-Non-Military-Opportunities/257631337639419

Iraq Veterans Against the War (National Office), New York, NY: $1,500 in April for regional counter-recruitment networking in Chicago and Albuquerque; and "truth in recruiting" efforts, especially with Native American and low-income youth. www.ivaw.org

Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project, Chicago, IL: $1,000 in April for an "alternatives to military enlistment" career fair. www.nwsubpep.org

Peace House, Ashland, OR: $1,500 in June for a program fighting the poverty draft by reaching out to high school students in the southern Oregon area of Ashland, Phoenix, Talent and Medford with information about the reality of military service and alternative education and career options. peacehouse.net

Peaceful Vocations, Fort Worth, TX: $1,500 in December for Community Activation 2010/2011, mobilizing parents and students to address issues such as JROTC-sponsored firing ranges in schools, military-sponsored ASVAB testing in schools without parental consent, and students' privacy rights. peacefulvocations.org

Workers Defense Project, Austin, TX: $1,500 in December to help immigrant workers and their children to better understand how to best access higher education, prepare for college, and access non-military alternatives. workersdefense.org

Total: $16,248 (12 grants)