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2008 Social Justice Fund Grants

This roster includes grants from the Muste Institute's Social Justice Fund (formerly known as the general fund). These grants of up to $2,000 are directed to small grassroots projects working for peace and social justice.

The Muste Institute also administers several special funds, including the Counter Recruitment Fund, the International Nonviolence Training Fund, the NOVA Fund and the Adalys Vázquez Solidarity Travel Fund.

Through a fiscal sponsorship program, the Muste Institute receives institutional grants and individual tax-deductible donations for the work of sponsored projects. Separate guidelines are available for CR Fund grants, Social Justice Fund grants, INTF grants, Adalys Fund grants and fiscal sponsorships.

For more information, please refer to the grants page of our website at ajmuste.org/ajgrants.html. If you have further questions after reading through the guidelines, contact us at 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012; phone 212-533-4335; fax 212-228-6193; [email protected]

2008: Social Justice Fund grants totaling $35,987 distributed to 23 organizations

Asociación de Ex Internos Penitenciarios de El Salvador
San Salvador, El Salvador: $1,000 (October)
For the “Stories of Life” project, involving prisoners and former prisoners in circles of reflection where they can discuss their rights and duties and put forward proposals for a more humane and effective system.

Asociación de Mujeres para la Integración de la Familia en Nicaragua
Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua: $1,000 (October)
For a meeting to inform women workers in assembly-for-export factories (maquiladoras) about their rights and support their efforts to organize for better conditions.

Be The Media
Los Angeles, CA: $1,000 (December)
To provide inner-city at risk youth with creative tools to examine the media and tell their own stories, building on the success of the Arlington West Film and Speakers Program in getting young people to talk about alternatives to war.

Blue Veins
Peshawar, Pakistan: $2,000 (June)
To inform women working in Peshawar area factories of their labor rights and maternity protections in the workplace.

California Prison Moratorium Project
Fresno, CA: $2,000 (April)
For a campaign to build public opposition to construction of a new juvenile jail in Fresno, California.

Casa—Colectivos de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Acción
San Francisco, California: $1,000 (October)
For an educational tour in the US in conjunction with the release of Teaching Rebellion: Stories from the Grassroots Mobilization in Oaxaca, a book of photos and testimonials of Oaxacan activism.

Centro de Políticas Públicas por el Socialismo (CEPPAS)
Buenos Aires, Argentina: $2,000 (June)
For collaboration with the Central Zone Council of the Neuquén Mapuche Confederation and the Indigenous Advisory Council of Río Negro to nonviolently resist oil company activity in indigenous territory in western Argentina.

Colombia Support Network
Madison, WI: $800 (December)
For workshops on autonomous community development and active nonviolence with the Emberá Chamí community in the Lower Putumayo region of Colombia.

Community Media Organizing Project
Knoxville, TN: $2,000 (April)
For media trainings to help Greater Birmingham Ministries carry out the Constitutional Reform Initiative, an effort to build public opinion toward eliminating codified economic and racial inequalities in Alabama.

Education For Liberation Network
New York, NY: $1,500 (December)
For "How Did They Do That?", a project encouraging social justice groups to share and replicate innovative social justice education projects.

Food and Medicine
Brewer, ME: $2,000 (June)
To foster student activism around labor issues at the University of Maine Orono campus.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
Brooklyn, NY: $2,000 (April)
To distribute the Birthright Crisis video among Dominican and Haitian communities in New York City and beyond, with the goal of building opposition to racism and discrimination.

Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty
Saint Louis, MO: $2,000 (April)
For the “Road Trip for Justice” project, organizing speaking events in five Missouri cities to raise awareness about and build public opposition to the death penalty.

National Death Row Assistance Network
Peaks Island, Maine: $1,000 (October)
For distribution of legal resources and trainings for family members and allies of capital defendants.

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
Woodside, New York: $1,000 (October)
For a youth-led film project and screening program building awareness among Asian-American youth around issues of war and militarism.

Northwest Workers’ Justice Project
Portland, OR: $2,000 (June)
To expand the Oregon Immigration “Myth-Buster” Conversations Project, a series of community discussions seeking to dispel fear and misconceptions around the issue of immigration.

Picture the Homeless
Bronx, NY: $2,000 (June)
For the “Free the M35 Bus” campaign, fighting the unfair ticketing of homeless bus passengers by police.

Salina People for Peace
Salina, Kansas: $1,000 (October)
For outreach and educational efforts in connection with The Heartland Speaks, a three-day anti-militarism conference held in Salina in October.

Snake River Alliance
Boise, ID: $700 (December)
To challenge new nuclear projects, advocate for responsible solutions to nuclear waste and contamination, and promote safe and sustainable energy alternatives.

Union of Minority Neighborhoods
Roxbury, MA: $2,000 (June)
For a statewide effort to mobilize Massachusetts residents for reform of the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) laws.

Village Community Welfare Society
Pudukottai, Tamilnadu, India: $1,987 (April)
To mobilize domestic workers in Pudukottai district in defense of their human and labor rights

War Resisters League
New York, NY: $2,000 (December)
For the GI Rights and Resistance project, providing military service members and veterans with information about their rights and distributing educational resources to help soldiers, veterans, their families and civilian supporters speak out about the realities of war.

WESPAC Foundation
Pleasantville, NY: $2,000 (June)
To bring together Westchester youth into a strong, county-wide activist network for peace, justice and a sustainable environment.