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2009 Social Justice Fund Grants

This roster includes grants from the Muste Institute's Social Justice Fund (formerly known as the general fund). These grants of up to $2,000 are directed to small grassroots projects working for peace and social justice. (Note: this fund was greatly reduced in scope during 2009.)

The Muste Institute also administers several special funds, including the Counter Recruitment Fund (CR Fund), the International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF), the NOVA Fund and the Adalys Vázquez Solidarity Travel Fund.

Through a fiscal sponsorship program, the Muste Institute receives institutional grants and individual tax-deductible donations for the work of sponsored projects.

Separate guidelines are available for CR Fund grants, Social Justice Fund grants, INTF grants, Adalys Fund grants and fiscal sponsorships.

For more information, please refer to the grants page of our website at ajmuste.org/ajgrants.html. If you have further questions after reading through the guidelines, contact us at 339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012; phone 212-533-4335; fax 212-228-6193; [email protected]

2009: Social Justice Fund grants totaling $5,000 distributed to 4 organizations

Luck,WI: $1,000 (December)
For Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, a national gathering held over the July 4th weekend of 2010, with the goal of increasing awareness and action around nuclear issues through discussions, workshops, nonviolence training, celebration and direct action. Founded in 1979, Nukewatch is an environmental and peace action group dedicated to the abolition of nuclear power and weapons. The gathering was hosted by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, another past Muste Institute grantee.

PICA - Power in Community Alliances
Bangor, ME: $1,000 (December)
For “Getting it together in the Global Economy,” an April 2010 event bringing together labor, immigrant and community activists, people of color, educators and students to build broader alliances in Maine for worker and immigrant rights and fair trade. PICA (formerly Peace Through Interamerican Community Action) is a grassroots, member-based organization in Bangor, Maine which has been working for more than 20 years for human rights and a fair economy. The event was part of “kNOw US AND THEM,” a program of education and grassroots organizing connecting immigrants, displaced workers, and their allies.

Steering Committee for the Honor Program/The Other Death Penalty Project
Lancaster, CA: $1,000 (December)
For the Other Death Penalty Project, led and comprised solely of prisoners serving life without the possibility of parole, organizing to raise awareness about how life without parole sentences comprise an unjust “other death penalty.”

War Resisters’ International
London, UK: $2,000 (December)
For an international conference investigating the links between local nonviolent livelihood struggles and global militarism, held in India in late January 2010. Since 1921, War Resisters’ International (WRI) has been promoting nonviolent action against the causes of war, and supporting and connecting people around the world who refuse to take part in war or in preparations for war.