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2016 Social Justice Fund Grants

Total Grants (41): $110,956

The Muste Institute’s Social Justice Fund makes grants for grassroots activist projects in the U.S. and around the world. If supporting nonviolent action for social justice is important to you, please donate now to help us expand this important program. Thank you!

350Seattle.org, Seattle, WA: $3,000 in December for the Pacific Northwest Pledge of Resistance, encouraging people in the Seattle area to pledge to take action to protect the environment. 350seattle.org/

Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC), Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India: $1,250 in June (via Gendler Family Foundation) to introduce nonviolence strategies in the curriculum of grade schools in the Tibetan exile community in India through translation and printing of Tibetan language age-appropriate short stories promoting active nonviolence and empowerment for social change. www.anec-india.net

Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera, Austin, TX: $4,000 in April for the Community Organizer Training for Transnational Solidarity, developing a young organizer through mentorship and experiential training methods to organize around militarization of the border, workers’ rights, non-violent resistance, and gender empowerment. www.atcf.org/

Black Movement-Law Project, New York, NY: $1,250 in June for training and support of grassroots racial justice organizations to enhance digital security preparedness, ensure that activists are aware of their rights, and assist them in developing jail support and solidarity strategies in case of mass arrest and/or repressive actions by law enforcement. bmlp.org

Center for Participatory Change, Asheville, NC cpcwnc.org: $2,500 in June for the Nuestras Escuelas (Our Schools) workshop series, organizing to increase the capacity of parent and student leaders to address racial disparities and structural racism within the public schools of Buncombe County, North Carolina. www.cpcwnc.org

Chico Peace & Justice Center, Chico, CA: $3,406 in September from the Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund for the Career Builders Program, informing the youth of Butte County, California, about alternatives to military service while providing them with career building activities and trainings. www.chico-peace.org

Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), La Esperanza, Honduras: a special emergency grant of $2,500 in June (via Other Worlds) to defend the rights, health, and culture of the Lenca people, to protect indigenous territorial rights against the threats of extraction and expropriation, to promote gender equality and respect for sexual diversity, and related efforts. copinhenglish.blogspot.com Spanish: copinh.org

Domesticas Unidas, San Antonio, TX: $5,000 (via Esperanza Peace and Justice Center) in September for the Texas Caregivers Campaign, raising awareness among domestic workers, employers, and the broader community about the rights of domestic workers to be fairly compensated for their time, protected from abuse, and ensured their freedom of entry and exit from the workplace; and building networks of solidarity for the ongoing organizing of domestic workers in Texas. Domesticas Unidas on Facebook

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network-ETAN, New York, NY: $2,000 in September for the Accountability and Justice in the Indonesian Archipelago campaign, raising awareness among the U.S. public about the U.S. government’s overt and covert roles in major human rights violations in Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and West Papua; pursuing the official release of classified records documenting U.S. complicity; and supporting efforts to win justice for the victims of these violations, and to hold the violators accountable for their actions. www.etan.org

FOR Peace Presence, Oakland, CA: $3,500 in September for Bridging the Americas: Brown and Black Lives Presente!, bringing Afro-Colombian community leaders from Colombia to the United States to exchange understanding and analysis about the root causes of structural and physical violence affecting black and brown communities, and to further develop nonviolent strategies that defend life and create peaceful alternatives. www.peacepresence.org

Fort Collins Community Action Network (FCCAN, formerly Center for Justice, Peace, and Environment), Fort Collins, CO: $1,000 in June for the Fort Collins Homeless Coalition Decriminalization Campaign, using education, empowerment, and action by homeless activists and their allies to fight the criminalization of homelessness and defend the rights of homeless people. www.fccan.org

Freedom University Georgia, Atlanta, GA: $3,600 in September (via Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights) for the campaign “Education, Not Segregation: Advancing the Human Right to Education for Undocumented Students in the U.S. South,” building the leadership of undocumented students in Georgia toward ending modern segregation in higher education. Georgia is one of three states banning undocumented students from public higher education. www.freedomuniversitygeorgia.com

Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom, Kansas City, MO: $2,000 in June for the Heartland Leadership Project, to support low-wage workers in developing their skills as effective organizers and compelling story-tellers in order to win better wages and union rights in the Kansas City area. jobsandfreedom.org

IFCO/Pastors for Peace, New York, NY: $4,000 in April (via Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization) to support the 27th US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, a tour of grassroots organizers from the MLK Center in Cuba to cities across the United States, to speak to new audiences about life under the US blockade and why it must end. ifconews.org/

Interference Archive, Brooklyn NY: $1,750 in June for workshops to build the capacity and skills of Interference Archive volunteers to care for archival collections, develop dynamic programming that supports social justice activism and organizing, and ensure future sustainability. interferencearchive.org

Laundry Workers Center (LWC), New York, NY: $2,500 in June (via Brandworkers International) for the Laundromat Participatory Research Project, documenting the working conditions of retail laundromats and empowering laundry workers to organize for safe, sustainable jobs. www.lwcu.org

Migrant Justice // Justicia Migrante, Burlington, VT: $2,500 in December (via Wheelock Mountain Farm, Inc.) for the Human Rights Promoters (Promotores) project, training immigrant farmworkers to provide peer educational sessions to workers in Vermont’s dairy industry, in order to help dairy workers understand and defend their labor and housing rights. migrantjustice.net

Moral High Ground, Morristown, NJ: $500 in June (via Women Make Movies) for “NO HUMAN INVOLVED,” a public awareness campaign about the nature of sex work, the circumstances in which sex workers are incarcerated, the violence perpetrated on them by the prison industrial complex, and public education strategies to create change. www.nohumaninvolvedfilm.com

The Movements of Movements: Listening, Learning, and Seeding the Future, Oakland, CA/New Delhi, India: $4,500 in April (via Friends of PM) to partner with CACIM - India Institute for Critical Action: Centre in Movement in building collaborative relations between diverse movements around the world and sharing popular education materials to seed critical discussion and reflection on contemporary movement building. www.cacim.net

New Profile, RamatHasharon, Israel: $3,000 in December (via Refuser Solidarity Network) for educational work to counter militarization and militarism in Israel. www.newprofile.org

Organize! Ohio, Cleveland, OH, $500 in April for the July 2016 End Poverty NOW! March for Economic Justice, seeking to raise awareness of the causes and impact of poverty, to demand attention to the structural issues that perpetuate poverty and inequality, and to strengthen ongoing collaboration among grassroots social justice groups in the Cleveland area. www.organizeohio.org

Other Worlds, Oakland, CA: $2,500 in June for the International Campaign for Land Rights and Food Sovereignty in Haiti, strengthening the ability of peasant and other grassroots Haitian movements to protect their land as a key path to livelihood, economic security, preservation of community, and food sovereignty. www.otherworldsarepossible.org

Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS), Spokane, WA: $4,400 in September for the Young Activist Leaders Program, developing the leadership, skills, analysis, and relationships of young activists to increase their success and longevity as social justice leaders, to build the capacity of local youth-led campaigns, and to center young people in leading our inter-generational social justice movement. www.pjals.org

Peaceful Vocations, Fort Worth, TX: $1,250 in September from the Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund to educate Fort Worth-area youth about the realities of military service and non-military educational and vocational alternatives through a Poetry Slam and distribution of literature in schools and at civic events. www.peacefulvocations.org

Picture the Homeless, New York, NY: $2,500 in April for the Campaign to End Unnecessary Custodial Arrests and Police Profiling of Homeless People, using participatory research to uncover patterns of police interactions with homeless New Yorkers and applying that research to expand the rights of homeless people. http://picturethehomeless.org

Prison Birth Project, Holyoke, MA: $3,000 in December (via Peace Development Fund) for movement building, fundraising, and capacity strengthening for efforts to effectively demonstrate to policymakers and the public how the prison system harms people and communities. theprisonbirthproject.org

Prison Justice League (PJL), Austin, TX: $2,000 in December to expand the We Cannot Walk Alone program, developing leadership and organizing skills among incarcerated PJL members to effectively advocate for criminal justice reform and prisoner/human rights. prisonjusticeleague.org

Project Hajra, Jamaica, NY: $2,500 in September (via Allied Media Projects) for the Community Safety Initiative (CSI), supporting women organizing in Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South/Central Asian communities in Queens, New York, to address family and interpersonal violence, the roots of violence, intersecting oppressions, safety and trust, and liberation and gender justice. www.alliedmedia.org/project-hajra

Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO), Encinitas, CA: $4,500 in April from the Muste Institute's Counter Recruitment Fund for student and community organizing that challenges militarism and addresses the socio-economic factors that make low-income youths vulnerable to military recruitment and militarization. Specifically, the grant goes for an internship through which a student intern will build organizing and leadership skills, do community outreach, and give presentations to high school students; and for production and distribution of educational materials to increase student awareness of the realities of war and inform students about non-military college and career alternatives. www.projectyano.org

Providence Student Union, Providence, RI: $2,500 in April for the #OurHistoryMatters Campaign for Ethnic Studies, to win ethnic studies courses in all Providence public high schools. www.providencestudentunion.org

Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace, Pittsburgh, PA: $2,700 in April for production and distribution of educational materials and other expenses of a pop-up photography installation drawing attention to the effects of the March 2011 nuclear energy disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, Bike Around the Bomb, and related efforts to raise public awareness of the dangers of nuclear power and promote sustainable alternatives. rememberinghiroshima.org

Servicio Paz y Justicia Paraguay (SERPAJ PY), Asunción, Paraguay: $2,500 in June for the “Demilitarization of Territories and Bodies” annual gathering of the Latin American and Caribbean Antimilitarist Network (RAMALC), to be held in Paraguay. www.serpajpy.org.py

Southern Maine Workers’ Center (SMWC), Portland, ME: $ 2,500 in June for the Health Care is a Human Right People’s Report project, engaging directly impacted people in using education, organizing, and advocacy to build a health care system based on human needs in Maine. www.maineworkers.org

South-South Network Engagement -Africa, Nairobi, KENYA: $3,000 in April to create a movement of international peace cultural practitioners for conflict mediation/resolution, based on well researched, effective and appropriate indigenous practices; to develop trainings to further the work of the published findings on the shared similarities of traditional peace building initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America; and to complement government efforts in boosting peace building initiatives within the communities hence enhancing social cohesion and peaceful co-existence.

SURCO A.C., Oaxaca, Mexico: $3,000 in December for the MAPEO project (Mapeo para Activistas y Pueblos En Oaxaca), providing training in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and mapping technologies for civil society land defense and resistance to governmental and corporate oppression in Oaxaca. www.surcooaxaca.org

Swaraj Peeth Trust, Gurgaon, Haryana, India: $3,000 in December for a Gandhian experiment in nonviolent transformation of violence and radicalization in the conflict area of Jammu and Kashmir, including engagement and dialogue with youth, affected groups and communities at the grassroots; building of nonpartisan nonviolent civil society infrastructure; and deployment of community-based nonviolent peacekeepers and peacebuilders. www.swarajpeeth.org

Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment), Livermore, CA: $3,350 in April to build community engagement to improve the Superfund cleanup at the Livermore Lab’s High Explosives Testing Range and win environmental justice for residents of the Livermore/Tracy area. www.trivalleycares.org

USA Cooperative Youth Council, Minneapolis, MN: $3,000 in December to train young people in co-op and campaign organizing, so they can more effectively other young people to take action in a national campaign for expanding racial justice within the co-op movement. youth.coop

Voice of Women Uganda, Kampala, Uganda: $2,500 in December for a project to engage men and women in ending gender-based violence (GBV) through education and awareness building. VOWU on Facebook

Waging Nonviolence, Brooklyn, NY: $2,000 in April to build an anti-militarism bureau that will develop and sustain a strong and diverse base of activist reporters around the world to produce original stories and web-based resources on nonviolent resistance to war and militarism. wagingnonviolence.org

Women in Black, Belgrade, Serbia: $4,000 in September for the project “Engaging young people in artistic activism to deal with the past,” working with young activists to develop a Digital Memorial booklet raising awareness and providing facts about the wars that took place in the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia. www.zeneucrnom.org