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1994 Roster of Grants and Sponsorships

Amanaka’a Amazon Network, New York, NY: $1,000.
For a US speaking tour of a human rights and community activist from Brazil’s Eastern Amazon region. Email: [email protected].

Asociación Cristiana Para el Desarrollo, San Salvador, El Salvador: $1,610.
For a "Peace Education Project," training rural cooperative members in conflict resolution and other peacemaking skills.

Chico Peace and Justice Center, Chico, CA: $750.
For a peace education project to teach grade school students techniques of nonviolent conflict resolution and appreciation of ethnic diversity.

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Merrimac, WI: $1,000.
For a public education campaign promoting conversion of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant plant to prairie land and retraining its employees for environmental cleanup.

Clarence Fitch Youth Education Fund, Montclair, NJ: $1,000.
For Rough Side of the Mountain, a documentary video on the life of Clarence Fitch, an African-American Vietnam Veteran anti-war activist who died of AIDS several years ago.

Colombia Support Network, Madison, WI: $1,500.
For a US speaking tour by a Colombian peacemaker and a video on the Dane County-Apartadó sister community project. Web address: http://www.igc.apc.org/csn/csn.html.

Concerned Educators Allied for a Safe Environment, Cambridge, MA: $1,000.
For travel expenses to bring participants for a panel of youth organizers to speak on their experiences with violence to the 1994 conference of the National Association of Educators of Young Children.

Cultural Center for Social Change, Washington, DC: $750.
For a booklet to accompany a compact disc set commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Summer civil rights campaign.

Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation, Griffin, GA: $2,000.
For a "Journey of Hope" statewide tour of Georgia to educate people about alternatives to the death penalty and promote peaceful solutions to causes of violent crimes.

Delaware County Pledge of Resistance, Media, PA: $1,000.
For the Delaware County Fair Trade Campaign, a local coalition focusing on US economic and trade intervention in Latin America and developing worker solidarity across borders.

Empty the Shelters, San Francisco, CA: $500.
For stipends for low-income young people to participate in the "Summers of Social Action" program, where they gain organizing experience.

International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland: $22,250.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational work promoting peaceful social change internationally, including a Peace Process Tour to Ireland. $1,000 grant for the Weapon-Free World coalition project (with Peace Action and Campaign 1995) linking nuclear nonproliferation to control of handguns and other conventional weapons. Email:[email protected].

Latino Workers’ Center, New York, NY: $1,500.
For a Labor Rights Education Cam-paign, to inform Latino immigrant workers about their labor rights and organizing possibilities.

David McReynolds, New York, NY: $95.
Fiscal sponsorship for expenses of speaking and writing on peace, nonviolence and social change. Email: [email protected].

National Committee for Radiation Victims, Takoma Park, MD: $1,000.
For a follow-up national organizing meeting joining the victims of radiation experiments with already mobilized groups of victims/survivors (such as atomic veterans, downwinders, uranium miners, civilian test site workers).

National Workers’ Centers Conference Coordinating Committee, New York, NY: $1,000.*
For a national conference of representatives from independent, grassroots workers’ centers to be part of building a new labor movement.

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, New York, NY: $1,425.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational materials promoting peaceful alternatives in Latin America. Web address: http://home.earthlink.net/~dbwilson/nsnhome.html.

Out Now, Santa Cruz, CA: $13,946.00
Fiscal sponsorship for educational work opposing US military intervention around the world.

Peaceworkers, San Francisco, CA: $500.**
For travel costs of attending an international training for trainers at the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Switzerland.

"Regret To Inform", Berkeley, CA: $1,000.
For a documentary video project exploring women’s relationship to war through the eyes of Vietnamese and American widows of the Vietnam War. www.pbs.org/pov/pov1999/regrettoinform/index.html

Rosenberg Fund for Children, Springfield, MA: $1,000.
For outreach to Native American activists and Haitian political refugees, to let them know about RFC’s programs of support for children whose parents have been harrassed, injured, arrested, fired or killed because of their progressive activities.

Russia Training Project, Washington, DC: $500.**
For a training of local trainers to lead workshops on nonviolent activism for lesbians, gays and bisexuals in Russia.

Sojourners Neighborhood Center, Washington, DC: $500.
For violence prevention and conflict resolution training with parents and children in an inner-city community affected by violence.

Telemanita, Morelos, Mexico: $500.
To train members of women’s video production and distribution centers in Central America to use electronic mail to communicate with each other.

University Conversion Project, Cambridge, MA: $1,000.
For distribution of a guidebook to help student activists expose and challenge rightwing influence on campus.

War Resisters International, London, England: $47.50
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities promoting nonviolence and international cooperation. Email: [email protected].

War Resisters League/National, New York, NY: $18,824.25
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities and publications promoting nonviolence and alternatives to war. Web address: http://www.warresisters.org.

War Resisters League/New England Norwich, CT: $2,213.50.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities, publications, trainings and organizing.

Young and Old United Through Heritage, Casa Blanca, NM: $1,500.
For a "Communication Skills Studio" to teach Native American first-time juvenile offenders alternative dispute resolution techniques and how to peacefully confront racism.

* Donor Fund grant
** International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) grant

1994 Totals
20 Direct Grants: $ 21,110.00
1 Donor Fund Grant: 1,000.00
2 INTF Grants: 1,000.00
Sponsored Funds: 57,801.25

Total Distributions: $ 80,911.25