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1995 Roster of Grants and Sponsorships

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute makes small grants to groups doing nonviolent organizing. If you know of such a group, please encourage them to apply to us for funding. Grant application guidelines are posted on this web site, along with our most recent roster of grants, or write the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, 339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012, or call us at (212)533-4335.

Books Through Bars, Philadelphia, PA: $500.
For free reading material to be sent to prisoners nationwide.

Burlington-Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program, Burlington, VT: $500.
To set up a sister city office in a women's center on Nicaragua's north Atlantic coast, to assist with the center's work on domestic violence and women's health issues.

California Homeless Network, Los Angeles, CA: $1,000.
For staff expenses of expanding this statewide direct action coalition run by homeless and low-income people. Email: [email protected].

Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America, Raleigh, NC: $500.
For stipends to help low-income teenagers participate in a youth delegation to Nicaragua.

Comisión Diocesana de Pastoral en Salud (CODIPSA), Chalatenango, El Salvador: $1,000.
For the Health Rights Project, to educate people in rural communities about their health rights.

Comité de Servicio Chileno-Cuáquero, Santiago, Chile: $1,000.
For the Youth and Anti-Militarism Project, to promote the right of conscientious objection and oppose obligatory military service in Chile.

Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, New York, NY: $500.
For the Lease Drivers' Coalition, organizing South Asian cab drivers in New York City to address issues of violence, police harassment and unsafe working conditions.

Conciliation Resources, London, England: $9,500.
Fiscal sponsorship for the ACCORD project, an international bulletin detailing current and past peace processes and agreements. Email: [email protected].

Enola Gay Action Coalition, New York, NY: $2,000.
For alternative exhibits on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to counteract the Enola Gay exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution.

Evangelical Organizing Project, San Francisco, CA: $1,000.
For a national workshop to encourage Evangelicals and others of similar religious traditions to get involved in social and economic justice issues through community organizations.

Houston Committee for Youth and Nonmilitary Opportunities, Bellaire, TX: $1,500.
For printing and distribution of literature promoting alternatives to military service for young people.

Immigrant Workers Resource Center, Boston, MA: $1,000.
For a collective writing process in which English as a Second Language (ESL) students will produce a booklet about their experiences at their jobs. [email protected]

International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland: $4,940.
Fiscal sponsorship for educational work promoting disarmament and peaceful social change internationally. Email: [email protected].

Irish Immigration Center, Boston, MA: $750.
For a weekend retreat where young Irish immigrants and students of color from Roxbury Community College will address issues of racism.

Lambi Fund of Haiti, Washington, DC: $2,200.
To establish an artisan training center for members of a peasant women's organization in Haiti. Email: [email protected].

Latin Image Productions, Los Angeles, CA: $1,000.
For a documentary video about opposition to Proposition 187, the anti-immigrant ballot initiative that passed last November in California.

David McReynolds, New York, NY: $1,852.50
Fiscal sponsorship for expenses of speaking and writing on peace, nonviolence and social change, including a trip to Japan to participate in activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Email: [email protected].

Michigan Faith and Resistance Peace Team, Lansing, MI: $1,000.
For workshops to prepare individuals to enter areas of conflict in order to end armed violence and foster reconciliation between hostile groups. Email: [email protected].

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Washington, DC: $1,000.
To create a home page on the World Wide Web which will help NCADP's execution action alerts reach a wider national and international audience via the Internet. Email: [email protected].

National Organizers Alliance, Washington, DC: $1,000.
For preparation of a mentoring program to encourage and assist new organizers in the DC area. Email: [email protected].

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, New York, NY: $2,047.25
Fiscal sponsorship for educational materials promoting peaceful alternatives in Latin America. Web address: http://home.earthlink.net/~dbwilson/nsnhome.html.

North Carolina Farmworkers' Project, Benson, NC: $1,000.
For a Spanish-language newsletter to educate farmworkers about their rights and help them create collective solutions to their common problems.

NW Military & Draft Counseling, Portland, OR: $875.
For distributing leaflets that challenge militarism to students outside Portland high schools.

Other Colors Radio Project, Jamaica Plain, MA: $750.
To distribute audio tapes of interviews with immigrant women, along with a guide for teachers and facilitators, to teachers in the Boston area.

Pax Day '95, Philadelphia, PA: $750.
For a public demonstration/fair on tax day to protest misuse of taxpayers' money and call for reallocation of military funding to social needs.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Dallas, TX: $1,000.
For a program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including a walk from Trinity nuclear testing site in New Mexico to the Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant near Amarillo, TX.

Rural Southern Voice for Peace, Burnsville, NC: $750.
For training and development of a "Peace Troupe" of performers and activists to intervene in situations of potential or actual violent conflict. Web address: http://www.acs.appstate.edu/~dtd/peace.html.

South-South Trainers Gathering Committee, Manila, Philippines: $3,000.*
For a gathering of nonviolence trainers from southern hemisphere nations, to be held in Thailand in February 1996.

Students Organizing Students, New York, NY: $2,000.**
For a national network of young women advocating and organizing for young women's health and wellbeing. Email: [email protected].

War Resisters International, London, England: $1,149.50
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities promoting nonviolence and international cooperation. Email: [email protected].

War Resisters League/National, New York, NY: $98,305.37
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities and publications promoting nonviolence and alternatives to war. Web address: http://www.warresisters.org.

War Resisters League/New England, Norwich, CT: $1,828.75
Fiscal sponsorship for educational activities, publications, trainings and organizing.

We Do The Work, Oakland, CA: $1,000.
For a TV documentary about the growing use of prison labor nationwide.

The Women's Alliance, A Network for Economic Survival, Framingham, MA: $1,000.
For a monthly newsletter, *Sisters*, through which low-income women can express themselves and organize around issues like housing and welfare rights.

Women's Institute for Leadership Development, Jamaica Plain, MA: $1,000.
To develop an English as a Second Language course for a weekend-long Summer Institute to help train and support women as trade union leaders.

* International Nonviolence Training Fund grant
** Donor Fund grant

1995 Totals
26 Direct Grants: $ 25,575.00
1 INTF Grant: 3,000.00
1 Donor Fund Grant: 2,000.00
Sponsored Funds: 119,623.37

Total Distributions: $150,198.37