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Non-discrimination Policy

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute is committed to non-discrimination in all decisions involving hiring, personnel, board recruitment, volunteer opportunities, grantmaking and related issues. This non-discrimination policy applies to status factors including but not limited to ethnicity, age, physical appearance, religion, sexual identity or orientation, national origin, immigration status, economic class, educational background, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, and status as a veteran or as a formerly convicted or formerly incarcerated person. Any consideration of these status factors will only take place in the context of qualifications relating to the ability to carry out necessary projects or tasks. (For example, in a grant application, we might weigh, among other factors, the age of the key organizer if the project seeks to organize youth, or the ethnicity of the key organizer if the project seeks to reach a particular ethnic group.)

We encourage our grant applicants to produce their own written non-discrimination policies, and we are making this policy available as an example.