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Past Issues of Muste Notes

Spring 2017
Friends: We face overwhelming challenges...
Sharing Space, Building Power
Fighting Back Against Police Profiling
Challenging Racism in School
¡Berta Vive!
Michael Ratner, 1943-2016

Winter 2016
Dear Friends: Welcoming 2016 with expanded grants, a new home, great people...
“Despair Is Not an Option” for Palestine/Israel
Bernice Lanning: In Fond Memory
Promoting Grassroots Radio
Where Your Money Goes

Fall 2015
Dear Friends: We received an inspiring batch of grant proposals...
Free Oscar López Rivera!
Painting Peace
No Militarized Police
Youth Speak Out: Stop Deportation!
Indigenous Costa Ricans Defend Land
Empowering Young Immigrants
Juanita Nelson, 1923-2015
Judith Malina, 1926-2015
George Houser, 1916-2015
Julian Bond, 1940-2015
Author: A.J. is “American Gandhi”

Spring 2015
Dear Friends: Spring always feels like movement...
Reclaiming MLK Day
Internships “Honor the Person Doing the Work”
A Steadfast Resister: Albon Man, 1919-2014
New York to Ferguson
Colombia: Resisting Impunity
Where Your Money Goes

Fall 2014
Dear Friends: Thank you for welcoming me so warmly...
No Nukes! Banner Demands Indian Point Shutdown
Strengthening Nonviolence in Latin America
Palestine-Israel Journal: A Ray of Hope
Defending the Earth Against Radioactive Waste
Marj Swann: A Lifetime of Inspiration
Creative Nonviolence at the Left Forum
Highlighting Prison Resistance
Building Pan-African Nonviolence
Organizing Against Land Theft in Africa
Engaging in Dialogue on Racism

Winter 2014
Dear Friends: The Muste Institute is turning 40!
Keeping Nuclear Bomb Cores off our Roads
Sallie Marx, 1929-2013
Howard Clark, 1950-2013
Social Justice Fund Grants, September - December 2013

Fall 2013
Dear Friends: One of our former tenants...
Honoring the Earth: the Two Row Wampum Campaign
Training for Freedom at Lhakar Academy
Nonviolence Training Needs Your Support
Fighting Impunity: Friends of Co-Madres
Social Justice Fund Grants, December 2012 - June 2013

Winter 2013
Dear Friends: We deeply appreciate your gifts...
Building Community Power, Fighting Deportation
Justice for Bedouin Refugees
Sheltering the Movement
Social Justice Fund Grants, September 2012

Summer/Fall 2012
Dear Friends: Fall is here...
SERPAJ – México: Working for Peace in a Country at War
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2011-June 2012
Mural Celebrates A.J.'s Legacy
Social Justice Fund Grants, June 2012

Winter/Spring 2012
Dear Friends: Undocumented. Unafraid. Unapologetic.
Fighting for our Dreams
A Word from Nikki, the First Sara Bilezikian Peace Intern
Social Justice Fund Grants, September 2011
Social Justice Fund Gets a Boost
Peace Pentagon Update

Fall 2011
Dear Friends
From Jaffa Gate to Sheikh Jarrah—The March
Human Rights in Gaza
A Decade of Solidarity with Palestine
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2010 - June 2011
Nonviolence Training Needs Support
Adalys Fund Grants, April - June 2011

Spring/Summer 2011
Dear Friends
Wisconsin: Standing with Workers, Against War
MLK Pamphlet: Back in Print, and Off to Cuba
Counter Recruitment Grants, September-December 2010
Support the Counter Recruitment Fund!
NOVA Fund Grants, 2010
Adalys Fund Grants, October 2010 - February 2011

Winter 2011
Dear Friends
Thousands Protest for Peace at SOA Watch Vigil
Peace Pentagon: New Opportunities
"The Good Soldier" Wins an Emmy
Social Justice Fund Grants, December 2010
Adalys Travel Grants, August 2010

Fall 2010
Dear Friends
Building Community, Fighting Displacement
The Visitors Hits the Screen
Remembering Martha Friedlaender
Help Us Bring Nonviolence Back into the Classroom!
Counter Recruitment Grants, June 2010
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2009 - June 2010
Nonviolence Training Needs Support!
Adalys Travel Grants, June 2010

Summer 2010
Dear Friends
No Nukes! No War!
Teaching Rebellion, from Oaxaca to Wisconsin
Howard Zinn: 1922-2010
Social Justice Fund Grants, June 2010
Counter Recruitment Grants, April 2010
Adalys Travel Grants, February and April 2010

Spring 2010
Dear Friends
Bil’in Protests Mark Five Years
Peace is the Way
NOVA Fund 2009 Grants
Remembering Papa Bill
Marilyn Meyer
Lillian and George Willoughby
Social Justice Grant: Gender Rights in Uganda
NYC Haitian Women Send Quake Relief
Adalys Travel Grants, December 2009

Winter 2010
Dear Friends
Protesting Militarism in Europe
Building Program Takes New Steps
Social Justice Grants, December 2009
Counter Recruitment Grants, October-December 2009
Adalys Travel Grants, August-October 2009

Fall 2009
Dear Friends
Hondurans Resist Coup
Youth Pave the Way at Counter-Recruitment Conference
Counter-Recruitment Grants, June 2009
Help Needed to Grow Social Justice Fund
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2008 - June 2009
Travel Fund Gets New Name
Travel Grants, June 2009

Summer 2009
Dear Friends
Rainforest Activist Visits New York
Co-Directors Head Dedicated Team
New Grant: Gush Shalom Confronts Occupation
Social Justice Grant Program Restored
Travel Grants Boost Indigenous Women’s Summit
Counter-Recruitment Grants, April 2009

Spring 2009
Dear Friends
Defending Indigenous Rights
Nonviolence in Palestine
A Luminous Activist: Karl Bissinger (1914-2008)
New Grants, December 2008
Counter-Recruitment Grants, December 2008
NOVA Fund 2008 Grants
New Travel Grants

Winter 2009
Transitions at the Muste Institute
Activists Unite Against Militarization
Dear Friends
Counter-Recruitment Grants, October 2008
New Grants, October 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, August and October 2008

Fall 2008
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: The Olneyville Neighborhood Association
Counter Recruitment Grants, June 2008
Muste Building Honored
Nonviolence Training Grants, July 2007-June 2008
New Grants, June 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, June 2008

Summer 2008
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Veterans Speak Out in NY Schools
What's Happening with the Building
New Grants, April 2008
Counter Recruitment Grants, April 2008
NOVA Travel Grants, Feb. & Apr. 2008

Spring 2008
Dear Friends
The Cost of Empire
Memories of Ralph: 1914-2008
New Freeman Intern
Counter Recruitment Grants, December 2007
New Grants, December 2007
NOVA Fund Grants 2007
NOVA Travel Grants, Oct. & Dec. 2007

Winter 2008
Dear Friends
VAMOS Unidos Organizes Bronx Street Vendors
A.J. Muste and J. Edgar Hoover
New Grants, September 2007
Counter Recruitment Grants, September 2007
NOVA Travel Grants, August 2007

Fall 2007
Dear Friends
Defending Communities Against Dams
The Future of the Muste Building
New Counter-Recruitment Fund Grants, June 2007
New Grants, June 2007
Oaxaca Resurgence
Travel Fund Takes Off
New Nonviolence Training Grants

Summer 2007
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Counter-Recruitment in Hawaii
Grants, April 2007
Lamar Hoover, 1922 - 2007
New Grants, April 2007

Spring 2007
Dear Friends
New Developments: Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
AJ, Kennedy and King: Quebec to Guantanamo Walk
New Grants, December 2006 - February 2007
NOVA Fund Grants 2006
Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

Winter 2007
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Oaxaca’s Grassroots Strugle
New Developments
Swann Fund

The INTF Makes New Grants
New Grants, September 2006

Fall 2006
Dear Friends
New Sponsoree: International Solidarity Movement

In Loving Memory: Norma Becker, 1930 - 2006
New Grants, June 2006
Counter Recruitment Fund Grants

Summer 2006
Dear Friends
Counter-Recruitment Fund Launched

Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
Grantee Profile: Stopping the Bomb
Help Us Fix Our Building

New Grants, April 2006

Spring 2006
Dear Friends
Demanding Justice, Disarming War

Decoding the A.J. Muste Files
NOVA: With New Name, Fund Grows

New Grants, December 2005

Winter 2006
Dear Friends
A.J. and the 1965 Draft Card Burning
Grantee Profile: Project YANO
New Grants, September 2005

Fall 2005
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Jenin Students Get Nonviolence Training
Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
Sheilah’s Fund East in 2005
New Grants, June 2005

Summer 2005
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Iraq Veterans Against the War
Elmer Maas, 1935-2005
New Developments
New Grants, April 2005

Spring 2005
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Convention Builds Anti-Death Penalty Movement
New Martin Luther King Pamplet in Spanish
Massacre in Colombia
New Grants, December 2004

Winter 2005
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Solidarity in Action—Student Farmworker Alliance
Muste Institute Board Transitions
New Pamphlet Prices
New Grants, September 2004

Fall 2004
Dear Friends
A.J. Goes to South Vietnam
Grantee Profile: Stop the Merchants of Death!
New Grants, June 2004

Summer 2004
Dear Friends
Nonviolence Trainers Build Capacity
Nancy Muste Baker, 1916 - 2004
David Dellinger, 1915 - 2004
Vanunu Free at Last
Zinn Film Hits Theaters
New Grants, April 2004

Spring 2004
Dear Friends
Nonviolence Against the Wall
Grantee Profile: Mas'ha Peace Camp
Gush Against the Wall
New Grants, December 2003

Winter 2004
Dear Friends
United for Peace and Justice
Institute Screens Zinn Documentary
Institute Welcomes New Board Members
Update on Funded Projects
New Grants, Sept. - Oct. 2003

Fall 2003
Dear Friends
NYC Student Designs Peace Banner
New Developments—Update on Funded Projects
NYC Screening of Howard Zinn Documentary
New Grants, Jun. - Jul. 2003

Summer 2003
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Free the Slaves by Lloyd Earl Sutton
New Sponsored Projects
New Grants, Feb. 2003 - May 2003

Spring 2003
Dear Friends
The World Says No to War
New Board Member
Grantee Profile: Lawyers Defend Immigrants and Dissenters
Banners for Peace
New Grants, Dec. 2002 - Jan. 2003

Winter 2003
Dear Friends
Grantee Profile: Picnics for Peace
John M. Muste, 1927-2002
New Grants, Sep-Oct 2002

Fall 2002
Dear Friends
Stand Up, Remember, Resist
Grantee Profile: Risking Peace in Colombia
Take Action for Peace in Colombia
New Grants, June 2002

Spring-Summer 2002
Dear Friends
Just When His Wisdom Is Most Needed
April 20th “Stop the War” Photo
Confronting the “War of Terror”
New Grants

Winter 2002
Dear Friends
Diane Tosh Named Acting Executive Director
Peace Movement Swells in Israel
Something is Moving
Sara Bilezikian, 1978-2002
New Grants

Fall 2001
Dear Friends
Banner on 339
Healing the Wounds of Murder
September 11 Emergency Grants
New Grants

Summer 2001
Dear Friends
New Essay Series Pamphlets!
Nonviolence in Action: Sheilah’s Fund East in Latin America
Donor-Advised Funds
Update on Projects Funded by Muste Institute
Carol Bernstein Ferry, 1924-2001
Board Member Takes Leave
New Grants

Spring 1999
Dear Friends
New Donor Fund Expands Grantmaking Program
New Freeman Intern Welcomed
New Developments: An Update on Projects Funded by the Muste Institute
Pennsylvanians Rally for a Death Penalty Moratorium

Winter 1999
Dear Friends
New Grants, December 1998-February 1999
Grantee Nominated for Academy Award!
A Good Year for our Sponsored Groups