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Projects currently sponsored by the Muste Institute
(as of December 2016)

In addition to gifts for the Muste Institute's own work promoting active nonviolence, tax-deductible donations of $50 or more for our sponsored projects, listed below, are always welcome. Make your check (drawn on a U.S. bank) payable to A.J. Muste Memorial Institute and include the sponsored project's name on the memo line. Mail to A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, 168 Canal Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013.

To make an online gift, click here and designate your gift for the desired project. Donations of $100 or more may be split between the Muste Institute and one or more sponsored projects.

(Gifts not designated for another purpose go for the Muste Institute's own work. In order for your gift to be tax-deductible, your designation is considered a suggestion. The Muste Institute appreciates the opportunity to support the important work of our sponsored projects. If you have questions, email us at [email protected].)

Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (AF3IRM) (formerly GABRIELA Network), New York, New York: sponsorship of transnational, feminist, anti-imperialist educational work, grassroots organizing and advocacy. af3irm.org

Climate Crisis Coalition, South Lee, MA: sponsorship of educational work and organizing around the issues of climate change and the connections between environmental, social and economic equity. climatecrisiscoalition.org

East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN/U.S.), Brooklyn, NY: sponsorship of educational work and advocacy for human rights, women’s rights, social and economic justice, democracy and genuine self-determination in East Timor; and educational work and advocacy in pursuit of justice for human rights violations and crimes against humanity in East Timor, West Papua and Indonesia. etan.org

European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Berlin, Germany: sponsorship of efforts to strengthen the efforts of human rights advocates across national borders, initiating and supporting key litigation and providing public education and training in international human rights law. ecchr.org

Friends of Co-Madres, Brooklyn, NY: sponsorship of efforts to promote human rights and seek justice for civilians killed during the U.S.-funded counter-insurgency war of 1980-1992 in El Salvador, through solidarity work with Co-Madres, a group of Salvadoran women who have engaged in nonviolent struggle since 1977 to discover the true stories behind the disappearances and murders of their loved ones. foco-madres.org

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC), Ossining, NY: sponsorship of grassroots education and mobilization around the public safety, health and environmental threats posed by the Indian Point nuclear power plant. ipsecinfo.org

International Peace Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland: sponsorship of educational activities and publications promoting demilitarization, nonviolent social change and peaceful solutions to international conflict; and networking between national and international peace organizations. ipb.org

Jahalin Solidarity, Jerusalem, Palestine/Israel: sponsorship of educational work and humanitarian advocacy helping Bedouin and East Jerusalem communities to defend their human rights and territorial rights, prevent forcible displacement, and resist other Israeli Occupation policies. jahalin.org

Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture, Jerusalem, Israel: sponsorship of efforts to analyze freely and critically the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians, and to promote rapprochement and better understanding between the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. pij.org

Peaceful Vocations, Fort Worth, TX: sponsorship of efforts to educate Fort Worth-area youth about the realities of military service and non-military educational and vocational alternatives. peacefulvocations.org

United for Peace and Justice, New York, NY: sponsorship of educational work and movement building to grow a culture of justice, peace, equality, cooperation and respect. unitedforpeace.org

War Resisters' International, London, UK: sponsorship of research and education around conscription and conscientious objection; activities connected with the publication of the newsletters; and conducting educational activities concerning the use of nonviolence to resolve conflicts and build social empowerment, including lectures, publications, conferences, etc. wri-irg.org

War Resisters League, New York, NY: sponsorship of educational work on peace, disarmament, nonviolence, conscientious objection, militarism and related issues. warresisters.org

War Resisters League/New England, Norwich, CT: sponsorship of trainings and resources for nonviolent action, campaign building and grassroots organizing skills relating to anti-militarism, war profiteers, feminism and nonviolence, counter-military recruiting and non-military alternatives, and related issues. warresisters.org/newengland