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2001 Roster of Fiscal Sponsorships

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute acts as the fiscal sponsor for a number of organizations dedicated to nonviolent activism for social justice, by directing tax-deductible contributions and foundation grants to the educational work of these groups. Our 2001 sponsored projects are listed below. The Muste Institute also makes direct grants and administers two donor-advised grant funds, the International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF) and Sheilah's Fund East (SFE). (Grants are listed on a separate roster at www.ajmuste.org/grants2001.htm.) Separate guidelines are available for fiscal sponsorships, general grants and INTF grants.

Africa Nonviolence Project
Brooklyn, NY: $9,500
For promotion of the book Guns and Gandhi in Africa, about the role of nonviolence in African independence movements, and for speaking events by the authors, Bill Sutherland and Matt Meyer.

Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants
New York, NY: $3,372.50
For efforts to promote immigrants' rights and build opposition to anti-immigrant policies.

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
Denver, CO: $4,607.50
For efforts to build public opinion toward ending the US government's ongoing embargo and military aggression against the people of Iraq.

International Peace Bureau
Geneva, Switzerland: $39,915
For educational work promoting disarmament and worldwide peace.

Kairos/Plowshares New York
[email protected]
New York, NY: $14,169.25
For educational work on issues of nonviolence, militarism and the dangers of nuclear and conventional weapons.

La'o Hamutuk
Dili, East Timor: $29,032
For efforts to monitor the activities of international institutions in East Timor and facilitate greater East Timorese participation in the country's reconstruction process.

David McReynolds
New York, NY: $190
For speaking and writing on peace, nonviolence and social change.

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York home.earthlink.net/~nicadlw/nsnhome.html
New York, NY: $4,085
For educational materials promoting demilitarization and economic justice in Latin America.

Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty
[email protected]
Philadelphia, PA: $40,612.50
For statewide organizing efforts to build public opinion against the death penalty.

Right of Way
New York, NY: $1,163.75
For efforts to raise awareness of vehicular violence and promote safe and sustainable forms of transportation.

War Resisters’ International
London, England: $14,246.20
For educational activities promoting nonviolence and disarmament, particularly for the Nonviolence and Social Empowerment project.

War Resisters League
New York, NY: $53,837.80
For educational activities and publications addressing the root causes of war and promoting nonviolent activism for social justice.

War Resisters League/New England
[email protected]
Norwich, CT: $6,003.05
For educational activities and organizing around issues of nonviolence and social justice.

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom-NY Metro Branch
New York, NY: $9,685.25
For WILPF NY Metro's programs addressing racial justice, economic globalization and peace and disarmament.

Total 2001 sponsored distributions: $ 230,419.80


The Muste Institute also operates the Freeman Internship Program, providing a stipend to interns working in the War Resisters League national office. This program was established through a generous bequest from Ruth and Harrop Freeman. Distributions to interns in the program during 2001 totaled $6,000.